Will A DUI Show Up On A Background Check?

Unfortunately, whether you apply for a new job or seek new housing, a DUI conviction will appear in a criminal background check unless it has been expunged or sealed. While many employers and landlords use background checks based on a person’s social security number, some employers (e.g. healthcare, education, banking, etc.) and California licensing agencies use background checks based on a person’s fingerprints and show his/her entire criminal history, including any convictions that have been expunged or sealed.

“Ban the Box” Law in California

However, not all hope is lost by having a DUI conviction show up on a background check. Many employers and landlords may provide applicants an opportunity to explain the circumstances of the charge and consider their response in good faith.

This is especially true in states with “ban the box” laws. Such laws ban employers from automatically disqualifying an application because of a criminal conviction.

California’s “ban the box” law went into effect in January 2018. This law applies to private employers who have five or more employees and prohibits them from asking about an applicant’s criminal history before making a conditional employment offer.

How to Get a DUI Conviction Expunged

You may get a misdemeanor or felony conviction in California expunged if you meet the following requirements:

  • You completed probation
  • You didn’t serve time in state prison or would’ve served your state prison time in county jail under Proposition 47

Since most DUI offenses will result in a county jail sentence, such convictions fit the requirement.

How Carlos Navarrete Law Firm Can Help

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Hanford, our legal team consists of former prosecutors who have 55 years of collective experience handling more than 300 trials. We can build an effective and personalized defense strategy to help you avoid conviction or serving serious penalties. If you have already been convicted, we can provide resources to help you get your record expunged.

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