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Protecting You Against Unfair Gang Crime Convictions in Hanford

Have you been accused of any gang-related crimes? You can dispute your charges with the help of a knowledgeable Hanford defense lawyer by your side. These crimes can negatively impact your reputation, freedom, and future if you are not informed of your rights and legal options. At Carlos Navarrete Law Firm, our attorneys have extensive experience in all aspects of criminal law including gang-related charges.

From the initial investigation to crime sentencing, we take pride in having handling over 80 trial cases in our 23 years of combined criminal trial experience. We have a comprehensive understanding of both sides of the law and can utilize this advantage on your behalf.

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Prosecutors Must Prove Gang Member Affiliation

Our attorneys are experienced Hanford gang-crime defense lawyer and familiar with the factors that are commonly used to prove an individual is a member of a gang. Based on the factors that are documented by law enforcement officials, stricter consequences can be imposed. If at least three of these factors are proven true, individuals can be charged for a gang crime.

Here are a few factors that are used by prosecutors to prove gang member affiliation:

  • You provide verbal confirmation that you are a gang member
  • You have branded your body with tattoos that reflect your commitment to a gang
  • You are surrounded by other gang members
  • You wear specific colors that define your gang membership
  • You use symbols to communicate with other gang members
  • Your gang member affiliation is written on your personal items

No matter the intimidation of the prosecutors, you have the right to remain silent. You do not have to respond to law enforcement regarding inquiries about involvement in a gang or being a gang member. Everything you say can be documented and used against you in court. It would be in your best interest to remain silent and speak to a professional attorney who can explain all of your rights during this process.

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If you are facing allegations of being a gang member or accused of criminal charges, you will need a trustworthy attorney. The Hanford criminal defense attorneys at Carlos Navarrette Law Firm can provide you with a consultation to get the legal advice you need including the different consequences you may face for your violent crime charge to help you make informed decisions.

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