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A key element of any divorce of parents is child support. Your child deserves to feel comfortable, happy, and secure after your divorce concludes, which means maintaining their current standard of living; no matter who gets child custody. Child support is meant to provide finances to the parent with the most child custody responsibility or the lesser income to ensure the child is always well off.

Calculating child support fairly and in a way that protects your child’s best interests first and foremost is not always easy, though. Indeed, it is often a point of contention between divorcing parents. To move ahead amicably and steadily, contact Carlos Navarrete Law Firm in Hanford, California. Our family lawyers have more than 23 years of combined legal experience we can put to good use for you and your family in this trying time.

How Does California Calculate Child Support?

In California, you and your spouse have the option to create a child support agreement on your own and shaped to your own expectation. The agreement needs to be “fair,” though, and it absolutely must benefit your child. Otherwise, the court will likely reject the agreement and make its own child support calculations using the state’s preset guidelines.

California considers the following when calculating child support for parents in divorce:
  • Both parents’ incomes in all forms
  • Number of children in question, including present and past relationships
  • Child custody assignments, or current time-share of parental responsibilities
  • Both parents’ tax filing status
  • Child support received by either parent from previous relationships
  • Various necessary costs of child care, like healthcare and daycare costs
A family law judge may also decide you and your spouse have to split some costs of care, like:
  • Childcare and babysitting
  • Reasonable healthcare and medical expenses
  • Travel costs incurred due to visitation or custody exchanges
  • Expected educational costs and needs
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Getting tied up in a heated courtroom battle over child support is not ideal for anyone. Let our Hanford child support lawyers help you upfront and we will see what can be done to reach an agreement that benefits you, your spouse, and, of course, your child. While family law matters are preferably concluded out of the courtroom, we are also a team of trial attorneys who do not back down from litigation when it means doing what is best for our client.

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