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Rosemary Cortez


103 W. Grangeville Blvd.
Hanford, CA 93230

Rosemary Cortez is native of the Central Valley, born and raised in Hanford. Having a deep connection to the Central Valley allows Rosemary to have a genuine understanding the needs of our community.

Rosemary’s educational journey led her to earn a Bachelor of Science in Social Psychology from Park University and went on to earn a Master of Arts degree in Human Resources Development from Webster University.

Rosemary is a versatile Paralegal at our firm, specializing in Family Law. Her extensive experience in executive management and customer service has shown to be a great benefit. She has also been employed with Kings and Tulare County as well as with the State of Texas with the department of child and welfare. Rosemary’s extensive experience with these government agencies has been a great value for our Family Law clients.

Outside of Rosemary’s legal role, she enjoys traveling around the world and spending quality time with her family. Her commitment to our firm reflects her dedication to excellence and well-roundedness.

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103 W. Grangeville Blvd
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