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Whether you are accused, arrested, or being investigated for a crime, trust the Carlos Navarrete Law Firm to advocate for your rights and best interests. From misdemeanor cases and DUIs to drug-related charges and violent crimes of all types, our attorneys can help. As your Hanford criminal defense lawyer, you get the representation of attorneys who have handled thousands of cases.

We bring with us the advantage of understanding both sides of the law and can anticipate the strategy as well as the different tactics likely to be used by the opposition. We are not intimidated by the prospect of facing a trial jury. Our firm has the resources to explore every legal option available to obtain the most favorable result possible for your case.

Experienced Family Law Attorneys

If you come to our firm because you are facing a family law matter, we understand you will be entrusting us with sensitive matters that can affect your livelihood, children and property. We put our extensive trial experience to work fighting for the best possible outcome in cases involving child custody, spousal support, military divorce, property division, and every other factor related to a divorce and family rearrangement. We are not afraid of a trial; we are not afraid of the opposition; we are not afraid of the lengths necessary to ensure your best interests and those of your loved ones are protected.

Contact our Hanford family lawyers today to discuss your case and learn what we can do to help.

Criminal & Family Law Matters About Carlos Navarrete

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Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

At Carlos Navarrete Law Firm, you will be treated with respect no matter what criminal charge

Family Law

Family Law

At Carlos Navarrete Law Firm, you will be treated with respect no matter what criminal charge

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do I Support Myself Financially While My Divorce Is Pending? Can I Get Temporary Spousal Maintenance In California?

Until you are legally separated from your spouse, any new property and any new debts will be subject to being divided between you and your spouse. In California, temporary spousal support might be ordered while your divorce is pending and is payable from the date the petition of dissolution was filed until a final judgment of dissolution is issued. If you are seeking temporary support while your divorce is pending, consult a Hanford, CA family law attorney to petition the court on your behalf. The amount of temporary support will depend on the income levels of you and your spouse. California uses a universal formula to assist the courts with addressing the issue of temporary spousal support. The spousal support calculator determines a specified amount of temporary spousal support that is to be paid by the paying spouse. The court is permitted to make adjustments to this calculated amount, if it finds the amount to be unjust when considering other factors.

2. How Will Our California Property Be Divided?

California is a community property state. Other than property that was owned by only one of the spouses before the marriage, property that was inherited by only one specific spouse, and recovery from a personal injury lawsuit, all marital property is to be considered community property. The court will divide community property in any way the judge finds to be equitable when considering any disparity between the income of the two spouses, each spouse’s commitment to the children, and each spouse’s future earning potential. All pensions, other retirement accounts, and employment benefits are also community property and will be divided equitably, meaning that these assets too can be divided in any way that the judge finds to be fair; they do not have to be split in even portions. If both spouses happen to have similar retirement accounts, for example, the judge may choose to simply award each spouse their own accounts. A skilled family law attorney in Hanford, CA should always be consulted before entering into any agreements regarding property division.

3. How Long Will My Divorce Take In Hanford, CA And How Much Will It Cost?

California requires a minimum six-month waiting period before your divorce can be finalized. However, this is not to be considered a guarantee that your divorce will not take longer than six months to be completed. If issues are contested and mediation, other forms of alternative dispute resolution, or trial is necessary, the entire process could easily take a year or longer and require extensive work with a family law attorney in Hanford, CA. The cost of your divorce will very much depend upon whether or not you and your spouse can come to an agreement on the major issues of property division, finances, and child custody. The total cost for a divorce in California, including attorney’s fees, can range from $5,000 to $35,000, depending on whether or not your case ends up going trial and whether that trial requires experts, like child custody evaluators.

4. Is It Illegal To Attempt To Commit A Crime In California?

A person who intends to commit a crime and takes significant steps toward completing that illegal act but fails to complete the act, can be found guilty of the separate crime of attempt. However, very early preparation will not usually be found to be legally significant enough to bring a criminal attempt case.

5. Can I Settle My Fresno, CA Criminal Case Without A Trial?

Most cases in California will settle before ever going to a trial. Your Tulare County, CA criminal defense lawyer will consider and present to you all the possible resolutions for your case and then help you determine whether a plea agreement is your best option.

6. What Is The Difference Between A Misdemeanor Criminal Charge And A Felony Criminal Charge In Hanford, California?

The main difference between a felony charge and a misdemeanor charge, as far as the defendant is concerned, is the severity of the potential penalties. Being convicted of a felony can often mean serving time in a state or federal prison. Time served for a misdemeanor is in a local jail environment and cannot exceed one year. Working closely with a criminal defense attorney in Hanford, CA is the most effective way to fight for minimal sentencing.

7. I’ve Been Arrested In Tulare County, California! What Do I Do?

If you have been arrested, first and foremost, remain silent. Regardless of your intentions, any statement you make without first speaking to an experienced criminal defense attorney in Hanford, CA will damage to your chance to win your case later in the process. It is your constitutional right to have an attorney present during any police questioning. Immediately contact the Carlos Navarrete Law Firm to ensure you understand any criminal charges you may face and how to defend against them in Tulare County.

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Advising clients in hanford

Advising clients in hanford

Compassionate Hanford Family Law

When you come to the Carlos Navarrete Law Firm, you will be treated with respect no matter what charge you are facing. Our attorneys understand that a criminal charge can have grave consequences to your name, freedom, as well as your future and we are prepared to help you through every step of this difficult legal process.

You can expect us, as your criminal defense firm in Hanford, to give you honest counsel from start to finish. Our approach is to communicate openly all the possible risks and possible defense of your case to help you make informed decisions on whether you want to negotiate a settlement or take your case to trial. Whatever your decision is, you can trust that we will aggressively fight for you to achieve the goals you have set in your collaborative defense strategy.

For more information about how the Carlos Navarrete Law Firm can help with your criminal charge, call to schedule a consultation!

Your Compassionate Hanford Family Law Attorneys

Family law can encompass many rather difficult and emotional legal issues, including divorce, separation, child custody, paternity, adoption, parental rights, child support, spousal support, and visitation rights and scheduling. When you find yourself dealing with such potentially volatile and personal legal issues, it is incredibly important to always have a family law attorney that you can trust at your side, from the beginning to the end.

When you are put in a position where you must fight for your rights in your family law case, the law firm that you choose to represent you really does make a difference. If you are currently involved in any of the following matters or you suspect that you may be involved in one in the near future, it is absolutely imperative that you speak to a family lawyer who understands your struggles and where you are coming from:

  • Annulment
  • Divorce
  • Separation
  • Child custody
  • Visitation
  • Domestic protective orders
  • Adoption
  • Child abuse
  • Domestic abuse
  • Child Support
  • Alimony

Don’t take the risk of representing yourself in a matter as important as a family law case, where everything you hold dear could be on the line. Contact the Carlos Navarette Law Firm today to speak to a family law attorney who is here for you.

Experience As A Former
Deputy District Attorney

Carlos Navarrete has spent the majority of his career as a former deputy district
attorney. Through this experience, he has gained a unique perspective.

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