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Criminal Defense Videos

Can I Contact An Attorney Before Deciding Whether Or Not To Take The Evidential Breath Or Blood Test?

What Are The Sentencing Guidelines For First-Time DUI Offenders In California?

Are There Any Alternative Programs Available That Could Potentially Reduce A DUI Charge?

At What Point During A DUI Arrest Is The Accused Requested To Give A Blood Or Breath Sample?

How Does California Define The Charge Of DUI?

What Is The Implied Consent Law In California And How Does It Relate To A DUI Arrest?

Family Law Videos

If Someone Fails To Pay Child Support, What Can Be Done?

Will Child Support Be Provided During The Divorce Process?

If One Or Both Parents Are Not Following The Parenting Agreement, What Can Be Done?

Is There An Age At Which A Child Can Decide With Whom He Or She Will Live?

Is There Any Benefit To Filing For Divorce Before Your Spouse?

How Long Does A Regular Or Contested Divorce Take In California?

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