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At Carlos Navarrete Law Firm, we prioritize open communication with our clients so that we understand your side of the story. With over 23 years of collective experience, our firm is prepared to assist you in all of your criminal defense matters. Look at what some of our past clients have said and contact us today to begin your case preparation.

Was the very best lawyer I could have asked for!

-Melissa Y
Carlos is dedicated to his work

Attorney Carlos helped me a lot in my personal problem and is dedicated to his work.

-Jorge R
He is kind, down-to-earth, easy to talk to and most importantly, passionate about helping his clients achieve positive results

I am very proud and excited to express my 100% satisfaction working with attorney Carlos Navarrete as my defense lawyer in a criminal matter. By 100%, I mean attorney Navarrete will go out of his way to bring you the justice that you deserve. He commands the courtroom with respect and knows how to present a convincing defense without asking for too much. He is kind, down-to-earth, easy to talk to and most importantly, passionate about helping his clients achieve positive results. If facing with any type of criminal or immigration related issues, no matter how complicated, attorney Carlos Navarrete will be there to help you navigate the often complex and complicated court system with relative ease. Why wait? Just give him a call today to discuss your case, and a trial will convince you.


I was very satisfied with the work you guys did and highly recommend CARLOS NAVARRETE LAW FIRM…100% THANK VERY MUCH….

-Jose Rosales Bernal
Helpful and thoughtful

Best ever, helpful and thoughtful.

-Michael Garcia
To say that winning my case has changed my life is great understatement

I am writing you to express my gratitude for your excellent work as my criminal attorney, as it relates to your legal defense and representation in my recent Post-Criminal Relief case. I am happy to inform you that I received notice that my J-485 Application to Register Permanent Residence was approved! This is a dream come true for me, my husband, and my family. For the last 26 years, I had lost hope for ever gaining legal U.S. residency. However, because of your excellent work in filing a Motion to Vacate under California Penal Code §1473.7 and 1016.5 to overturn a 1993 felony conviction, and subsequently winning the case, I was able to finally qualify for residency. To say that winning my case has changed my life is great understatement. As of today, I will be able to travel to my home country Mexico, which I have not done in over 11 years. I also look forward to applying for U.S. Citizenship in the near future. I, along with my husband, and my family, are eternally grateful to you for your excellent work as a criminal attorney-with speaks volumes to your professionalism, your high ethics, and dedication. Throughout the six months that you fought for me, your accessibility as an attorney provided us with security and peace of mind. I, along with my husband, strongly endorse you as a criminal attorney!

-Rita R
Outstanding services with positive life changing results

Fantastic attorney services! The Carlos Navarrete Law Firm got the job done while representing our son in a serious criminal matter. We acquired Mr. Navarrete after two prior defense attorneys deemed to be unfit to represent our son. We found Carlos Navarrete while researching “experienced criminal attorneys near Hanford Ca.” The hiring process was easy. We called his office, set up a consultation, and then we meet up with him. After the consultation, there was no doubt in our mind that he was the right person to represent our son who was possibly facing 15 to life with a consecutive 25 to life in prison. First of all, Mr. Navarrete is honest. We explained to him our son’s criminal matter that consisted of attempted murder, robbery, and multiple enhancements. To make matters more difficult, there was a co-defendant in the case. His response was logical and straight – forward. We have heard many attorneys tell us that they have handled these types of cases and been successful without giving any details. Carlos was honest as he explained the difficulty our son’s case. He clearly stated “this is not going to be an easy case” and we totally agreed with him. In addition to his honesty, Carlos is trustworthy. He clearly demonstrated his hard work and attention to detail in and out of the courtroom. His performance during the trial was outstanding. He was confident, clear, and concise. Any time we had a question concerning the case, he would make sure to respond in timely matter. Carlos Navarrete and his team are organized and professional. The support we received from his staff was amazing. They were always supportive in every way possible. All in all, the law firm did a great job. Mr. Navarrete is clearly an experienced attorney who is willing to take on the most complex cases. The money we spent on this case was nothing compared to my sons life. My son was acquitted of attempted murder, which was the charge that would have given him the life sentences. We will forever be thankful for the services our family received from the Carlos Navarrete Law Firm. I would definitely recommend this law firm to anyone who is seeking professional services.

-Jimmy & Marina
We recommend Mr. Navarrete 100%

We hired Carlos Navarrete to defend my wife for a 1993 felony conviction. He wrote and filed a Motion to Vacate her prior plea via Sec 1473.7– which was written to help immigrants whose rights have been violated in the Judicial process. Mr. Navarrete was able to have her sentence vacated, and reduced a significant level– one that would no longer affect her immigration rights. We found him to be very professional and very accessible. Those are two points other lawyers are not able to provide for their clients. At no point did we have trouble contacting him and ask him questions. In the end, he was successful in assisting in my wife’s defense. We recommend Mr. Navarrete 100% as a defense lawyer.

-Manuel Reyes
The fact he was a former prosecutor was even more reassuring

It was very reassuring to have Carlos on my side. I didn’t feel alone in my situation. And the fact he was a former prosecutor was even more reassuring. I highly recommend his services.


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