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If you have been accused of making criminal threats, do not take this case lightly. You need to contact a professional attorney who specializes in criminal threat cases immediately. Your attorney will be able to tell you the appropriate steps to take in order to protect yourself from receiving severe consequences. The outcome of your case depends on the actions you take at the beginning of the accusations.

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Our Hanford criminal defense attorneys have over 23 years of combined criminal trial experience working with clients and is ready to serve you. We offer reliable representation in criminal threat cases by doing quality research and thoroughly understands every detail of your case. We use findings to communicate the things you need to know before stepping in the courtroom. We have personal experience of how the other side operates and utilizes this advantage in creating a defense strategy geared towards positive results.

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Proving A Criminal Threat Conviction in Hanford

If someone has spoken to commit a crime that will result in severe bodily harm or death to another person and the statement is received as a threat, the former could be liable for a criminal threat conviction.

The government must be able to prove the following beyond reasonable doubt:

  • Defendant willfully threatened to kill or cause severe bodily harm to the witness and/or their immediate family members
  • Defendant intentionally meant to threaten the individual through written, oral, or electronic correspondence
  • The threat has no false pretenses and was communicated to the complaining witness clearly and unconditionally, as if it will be carried out right at that moment
  • The complaining witness or his/her immediate family was in danger causing him/her to feel scared

Skilled Representation From Start To Finish

When you are dealing with criminal cases, it is important to find an attorney who not only understands the law but comfortable in front of a jury as well. Attempting to convince twelve complete strangers to unanimously agree on something is not a skill that is taught in law school. From jury selection to cross-examining witnesses and giving a closing argument, our skill set is one that he has honed over the years and can put to use on your behalf.

If you are in need of a highly skilled defense attorney in Hanford, contact us at (559) 387-5505!

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