Top Reasons To Modify Child Custody in California

Top Reasons To Modify Child Custody in California
Top Reasons To Modify Child Custody in California

Parents can request a modification of child custody or visitation orders if there has been a significant change in their circumstances in the time since the original order was made. For example, a parent’s work schedule may change, allowing them to spend more time with the child than they previously could. If a parent was prevented from sharing custody due to prior domestic violence, the successful completion of a batterer’s treatment program and the passage of time without any further incidents would also be considered in a request to increase custody.

Parents might also take into consideration how the needs of the child change as they get older and become involved in new activities or change schools. Some parents need to renegotiate their parenting agreements every couple of years to reflect the growing needs of the child.

Like child custody, child support orders can also be modified after significant changes in circumstances. Furthermore, making a significant change to child custody could warrant a child support order modification if one parent is now incurring more expenses pertaining to the child.

No matter the reason for the modification, the courts will keep the child’s best interest in mind and ensure that the change will still meet all of the child’s needs. The court prioritizes providing a stable and consistent arrangement for the child.

If you’re looking to modify your child custody order, the Carlos Navarrete Law Firm is here to assist you. We can guide you through family law matters to ensure you have the parenting time you need with your child. Our Hanford, CA, child custody modification lawyers are never afraid to fight for your rights and your child’s best interest.

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