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Fantastic attorney services! The Carlos Navarrete Law Firm got the job done while representing our son in a serious criminal matter. We acquired Mr. Navarrete after two prior defense attorneys deemed to be unfit to represent our son. We found Carlos Navarrete while researching “experienced criminal attorneys near Hanford Ca.” The hiring process was easy. We called his office, set up a consultation, and then we meet up with him. After the consultation, there was no doubt in our mind that he was the right person to represent our son who was possibly facing 15 to life with a consecutive 25 to life in prison. First of all, Mr. Navarrete is honest. We explained to him our son’s criminal matter that consisted of attempted murder, robbery, and multiple enhancements. To make matters more difficult, there was a co-defendant in the case. His response was logical and straight – forward. We have heard many attorneys tell us that they have handled these types of cases and been successful without giving any details. Carlos was honest as he explained the difficulty our son’s case. He clearly stated “this is not going to be an easy case” and we totally agreed with him. In addition to his honesty, Carlos is trustworthy. He clearly demonstrated his hard work and attention to detail in and out of the courtroom. His performance during the trial was outstanding. He was confident, clear, and concise. Any time we had a question concerning the case, he would make sure to respond in timely matter. Carlos Navarrete and his team are organized and professional. The support we received from his staff was amazing. They were always supportive in every way possible. All in all, the law firm did a great job. Mr. Navarrete is clearly an experienced attorney who is willing to take on the most complex cases. The money we spent on this case was nothing compared to my sons life. My son was acquitted of attempted murder, which was the charge that would have given him the life sentences. We will forever be thankful for the services our family received from the Carlos Navarrete Law Firm. I would definitely recommend this law firm to anyone who is seeking professional services.

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